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Set An Elegant Table. For You and Your Guests
The holidays are here again and there's nothing more inviting than sitting down to a meal at a well-set table. We've put together a handy guide so you can set your table formally when you're entertaining or dining on your own.
The Well-Set Table Start with your best tablecloth or placemats - If using a tablecloth placemats are optional. Place the dinner plate in the center of the place setting. Put the salad plate in the center of the dinner plate. Add a bread plate in the upper left corner of the setting. Place a butter knife horizontally across the bread plate. Fold the napkin on top of the dinner and salad plate. You can also lay the napkin flat to the left of the plates. Next put the dinner fork to the left of the plate, and the salad fork to the left of dinner fork. Set the dinner knife to the right of the plates, the salad knife to the right of the dinner knife, and the tea spoon to the right of the salad knife. If you're serving soup, the soup spoon goes to the right of the tea spoon. The dessert utensils should be placed on the table above the plates horizontally. Wine glasses go above the knife and spoon in the upper right corner. The water glass should be centered in front of the wine glass. Add a personalized place card above each setting for your guests for special finishing touch.
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