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Top 7 Education Apps for the Classroom

By Matthew Lynch on Jan 21, 2021 04:03 am

As technology advances, it should be expected that we will begin to integrate it into the different aspects of our lives and societies better. Education is no different and can benefit incredibly from the introduction of technology into the classroom.

While we won’t be covering all things tech today, we will be covering seven different apps you can use in the classroom to create a better teaching environment. For more articles on technology and education, follow this link . You can also find more lists similar to this one that focus on specific topics here .


Ideament is a fantastic app that was developed to help streamline the teaching process by giving you, as the teacher, access to more tools to help teach the class. It offers you features that will help you better translate and explain concepts and ideas to your class, such as flowcharts and mind maps. The tools it provides are a fantastic teaching aid that your students will thank you for using. You can download the app here .

Brush of Truth

While the name may undoubtedly be fancy, the app is quite simple. Brush of Truth is a great app that helps children between the ages of 7 and 11 become more literate. Literacy is incredibly important, as it opens up the avenue to learning new things, so having a solid foundation is just as important. Luckily, Brush of Truth is an app that helps children learn to read through a “choose your own adventure” type of game that is told in the first person.


Language and communication skills are essential to make progress in today’s world. Knowing a second language not only broadens your horizons, it also helps you engage with other cultures and teaches you a valuable new skill. Duolingo is a favorite app that helps teach over twenty different apps for all ages through exercises and games, so be sure to give it a try .


Socrative is an app that aims to make classroom learning and assessment more engaging through technology. With Socrative, you can assess your students on the lessons you have taught “on-the-fly”, allowing for almost instant feedback on their part. Not only is this an excellent tool for ironing out sections of work that may be tricky for some, it also gives instant satisfaction and validation for your students.


Expanding your vocabulary is, in essence, much like learning a second language, except it’s specializing in just one language. Learning new words not only allows you to engage with others more in-depth, it also adds more jargon to your repertoire so that you can give a better impression of yourself. Mindsnacks is a brilliant app for expanding your vocabulary.


Kahoot is a popular app. Kahoot essentially allows you to set up online quizzes that are fast and fun, testing your students’ knowledge as they test their knowledge to see who gets top of the scoreboard.


There are plenty of apps out there that can help you enhance the learning experience and uplift education. For even more options, consider using this as a resource.

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