Gurkha's Best. Free Whiskey Glasses. Free Shipping. Jan 12 2021
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Gurkha's Finest: Centurian
15 Cigars only $59.99 + Free Whiskey Glass Set + Free Shipping!
Live for 1 day, expires Tuesday night - January 12th at 11:59pm ET
Only $3.50 Per cigar for 24 hours!
Behold, the crown jewel of the Gurkha line , Centurian. A twinkling diamond in a sea of gems, this carefully crafted handmade has remained the go-to Gurkha selection for years. Even the haters agree - this one is damn good. And for 24-hours, we push it (push it real good!) to the max, with an 87% discount, and an extra side of awesome sauce.

15 cigars, beautifully packaged inside white cardstock boxes, are just $59.99. For 15, big 6”x60 Double Perfectos, that's a doozy of a price. One that might only come around once a calendar if you're lucky. And since I'm always looking to push it (no more 90's pop references), I'm making it even crazier.
I’m throwing in a 4-pack of Gurkha Whiskey Glasses (worth $59) for nothin’ , and shipping the lot free of charge. 15 cigars + 4 Free Whiskey glasses at combined 88% discount with Free Shipping to boot.

Stunning in appearance, each cigar is hand-rolled into a 6"x60 Double Perfecto from exquisite Cuban-seed ligero tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, aged 8 full years, and hugged by dark, silky Connecticut wrappers fermented to perfection. This combination imparts a rich, very creamy taste with just the slightest hint of spice, and a mellow, pleasant, yet remarkable burst of flavor on the finish. This Perfecto shape is intriguing, a thick 60-ring frame that carefully tapers at both ends. Due to the demands of the shape and expensive tobaccos, only the best torcedors are authorized to roll it.

For 1-Day only, save nearly $450 off MSRP, and take home a legendary blend with Free Shipping and free goods in tow.

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